Check Out My New Site


I know, I know, I haven’t made a post on this thing in a long, long time. But there are things in the works, I promise. Mainly I have a new site that you all need to check out. I’ve started a photography business and you’re all invited! The site is:   Check…

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Experience The “Better Half” Of Summer


By Nick Byrne It’s that time of year again, when back to school ads begin to prematurely pollute our televisions and the days start to get a little shorter, the time of year when you can taste the bittersweet beginnings to another summer’s end. Although we still have a few solid weeks left, I’ve taken…

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South Boston – Moonshine 152


By Drew Barile Moonshine 152 is a recently new restaurant, opening earlier this year taking over the old Franklin Southie, where chef and owner Asia Mei previously worked. The space has modern decor, but still feels like a charming neighborhood spot, with a full length bar, high top tables, and booths. I opted for the…

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National IPA Day


  Here at Food E File we love us some IPA’s, here is what some of our contributing writing have to say about it. My personal favorite of the bunch is Trillium, but what do I know? Drink them all! -Adam Baratz     Intro to IPA Day By Chef Ross Christenson   Happy IPA day! I know what you’re thinking. I’m your Chef, it’s my job to know what you are thinking. You want eggs benedict? I know, I’m already making Hollandaise. You want to know what is, and why is, it called India Pale Ale or as the young whippersnappers call it “IPA”…

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Boston Crawling Interview


By Kristina S. Do you like beer? Do you like learning about history? If so, then I recommend you try the Boston Crawling Freedom Trail Pub Crawl.   I recently took a Boston Crawling tour in Boston and highly recommend it. I’ve lived in Boston my entire life and taken school field trips to Boston growing up…

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The Five Top – Oxford Canteen Chef Corbin


 By Courtney Fisher It’s easy to pick a restaurant based on craving i.e. I’m craving Italian or Mexican etc. but one of the toughest things I’ve found living in New England is finding authentic Southern food. I so wish there was a way to search by chef influence or fusion style. This installment of “The…

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Tomato Fish Curry


  By Adam Baratz   Curry can be a daunting task to the unacquainted. I always thought that it was something out of my grasp and best left to the experts at Indian, Jamaican and Thai restaurants. Then I finally researched it a bit and started making my own curries from scratch. Which is fun…

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GreySail Brewery


By Jeanne Cook GreySail Brewery in Westerly, RI has been open since 2011, and offers a wonderful selection of  great tasting beers. When I arrived at the brewery, they had 7 beers on tap, including an India Pale Ale, a wheat IPA, Imperial IPA (an amped up version of an IPA much like a double…

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Allston Mass’ – Garlic ‘n Lemons


By Meredith McKelvey Garlic ‘n Lemons is an awesome Mediterranean inspired mother & son restaurant located in the heart of Allston, MA. I’ve been to this place a handful of times and have never been disappointed by the fresh, homemade food and the friendly service.  I’m slightly obsessed with Mediterranean food and Garlic ‘n Lemons…

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Pressure Cooker Asian Beef Ribs


By Adam Baratz A pressure cooker can seem like a scary, medieval device, with the power to maim and terrorize you and your kitchen. The days of exploding soups are over. The pressure cooker of today is safe and will push out a delicious product. I know the slow cooker is probably more in style…

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Fish Market Sushi Bar – Allston, MA


  By Drew Barile Being a big fan of sushi and Japanese style-dishes, I’m always on the hunt to find the next great meal. I happened upon an amazing spot in Allston recently, and it has become a permanent staple in my restaurant circuit. The place is called Fish Market Sushi Bar. Given its location…

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