Five Top – Interview With Chef William Cardona

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Courtney Fisher


The Boston area is filled with so many different cuisines and flavors, you could literally eat something new every night for months.  Glynn Hospitality Group  is one family of restaurants with different food options no matter what the craving. Check out this first installment of the Five Top, with Chef William Cardona of Granary Tavern.

What was your eureka moment that you knew you wanted to pursue becoming a chef?

When I was working at a restaurant called Jacob Wirth’s, an opportunity had risen for me to create my own dish. I always cooked for my family and enjoyed doing that. So I just considered everyone my family and i love cooking for them all. Passion and love are the two main ingredients to any dish.

Is there a go to ingredient or pantry staple that you use whenever you can?

I love to use Garlic. It has a very rich and distinctive flavor to it.

There are so many food trends that come in and out, what is one that you hope goes away/stays?

I honestly don’t hate any food trends. I can appreciate it all , but the one thing I can’t get along with is frozen products being used. That’s the main reason I won’t eat at chain restaurants.

A lot of your restaurants are tourist destinations, what do you think is a misconception about Boston-cuisine?

I hate that all tourists always feel the need to order seafood. Boston has such a unique food culture that i wish more people would try and experience.

Five seconds of fame for your restaurant(s), when someone ventures to your restaurant(s) what MUST they try right now?

Our signature dish, fried chicken and waffles.

Granary Tavern is located at 170 Milk St. in Boston’s Financial District.

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  1. says

    Really cool post, Adam. I couldn’t help but laugh though at his answer to the second to last question. I know you are a seafood freak- so… how’d that make you feel? lol :) With each and every new post I am diggin the new direction your site is taking. Keep up the stellar work! Cheers!

    • Food E File says

      You had to go there. Hmmm. I think that there is nothing wrong with being known for seafood and I wish/hope I’m known for seafood. That said, I can see where he is coming from, not sure I agree with it but I can dig it. Thanks Chey!

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