GreySail Brewery

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Jeanne Cook

GreySail Brewery in Westerly, RI has been open since 2011, and offers a wonderful selection of  great tasting beers. When I arrived at the brewery, they had 7 beers on tap, including an India Pale Ale, a wheat IPA, Imperial IPA (an amped up version of an IPA much like a double IPA) and a lager (a cold fermented beer) that they make with all the hop concentrations of an IPA.  It’s not surprising that more than half of their offerings are stacked with hops, as most beer connoisseurs I come across are hopheads, and GreySail does not disappoint. After all, hops are to beer, as what herbs and spices are to food.

In observance of IPA Day, I tasted and reviewed their IPA’s, but just to be polite, I forced myself and tried their other offerings as well(wink).  I requested their Avenue N “wheated” IPA on first pour and was pleasantly surprised by the mild yeast aroma and well balanced flavors of hops.  It was light golden in color, with a slight haze and creamy on the tongue. I immediately thought of the smell and taste in the air from mowing the lawn and enjoying thirst quenching drink perfect for summer.

Next sample was Pour Judgement, which is their straight forward IPA. It’s a crisp beer, with just a hint of herbal hops on the nose. A touch of sweetness and cooked vegetable flavor, with a piney, slightly bitter finish. Their Great Ketch IPL (India Pale Lager) smells of canned pineapple in the best way and at eight percent it’s not boozy at all. It’s a nicely balanced and clean beer, both in taste and sight, indicative of a lager.

The Captain’s Daughter Imperial IPA is delicious,it gives off aromas of tropical fruit and peaches.  A true hop bomb – containing mosaic, chinook, and citra hops. It’s wonderfully creamy on the tongue and tastes of sweet grapefruit and rind.  A lovely bitterness lingers.  We opted for a growler of this one, which we figured would pair excellent with the Thai food at our favorite BYO restaurant.

Overall I’m giving GreySail an “I’ll be back”, as the staff was friendly and the beer was very good to excellent.  Their Imperial IPA was my favorite, but honestly I would happily celebrate IPA day with any of their offerings.

To find their beer, or directions to their tasting room check the GreySail website.


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